Defiqa Vaults

Defiqa  will launch Vaults where users will be able to lock DFI, ETH and stablecoins in order to participate in the most profitable on-chain and cross-chain strategies to earn the most yield on their asset.
(10% of total supply) is set aside for Vault Incentives distribution, which means that aside from any yield generated from profitable vault strategies, vault will also distribute DFI to vault stakers growing their returns even more.

Vaults v1 (Delegated Staking): Initial on-chain Defiqa Vault will generate profit from delegated staking, which is estimated at 25% APY for DOT holders.

Vaults v2 (Cross-chain): Defiqa will launch Vaults on ETH blockchain where most of the profit-generating opportunities present right now. These ETH vaults will utilize yield farming, supplying funds to secure lending markets and stablecoins farming. Vault profits can be converted into ERC20 DFI and wrapped to the ETH blockchain

Vaults v3 (On-chain): With launch of DEXes on the Ethereum blockchain, profit can be generated by arbitrage opportunities and liquidity providing. These types of strategies will be utilized in third iteration of Defiqa Vaults.