Defiqa  is a community-centered project aiming to build the first DeFi Financial Center fully governed by a worldwide community of DeFi enthusiasts.

The ecosystem is governed by Defiqa  token holders who submit and vote on proposals and who are eligible to receive a share of protocols profits. So, DFI represents a right to govern and a right to receive a portion of ecosystem’s profits. Most of profits generated from each of Defiqa solutions (DFI.Exchange, DFI.Swap, DFI.Insurance…) will be redistributed to community.

Anyone can suggest a proposal, firstly within DFI.Community forum to gauge the community interest and secondly at DFI.Governance (in the near future). DFI.Governance will be a user-friendly platform to set on-chain community votes related to Defiqa Finance ecosystem.

The voting system needs to be discussed more with the community before starting the development, but it will be ready soon to fully automate the decision-making process.