Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is beginning to take over the digital financial world and we are estimating Decentralized Finance market to hit 1 trillion USD valuation by 2023.

Ethereum is an innovative scalable blockchain that DeFi needs. Defiqa is a package of DeFi infrastructure that Ethereum needs.

Defiqa will bring everything that is necessary for the launch of Decentralized Finance on Ethereum. As explained in above sections of the litepaper, this includes Yield Farming, Vaults & Lending Markets. Our next goals include decentralized exchange and Defiqa cross-protocol that will interconnect DeFi on Ethereum with DeFi protocols on other blockchains.

We estimate that by 2022 all core infrastructure for DeFi will be stable and working on Ethereum and its parachains. We will then onboard developers to connect to our ready DeFi solutions and build their unstoppable and financially-distruprive products on Ethereum and cross-chain networks.