Token Utility

DFI is a utility governance token that has multiple use cases outlined below:

1. DFI  Token will be at the core of yield generating processes of Defiqa. All iterations of vaults, farms and lending markets from Defiqa will have DFI as a core token of a product. All vaults will have their rules set to buy DFI using generated profits prior to distribution.

2. Governance Voting Rights: Defiqa contracts will be governed by Defiqa DAO. DFI holders can negotiate and make relevant proposals to the benefit of the Defiqa protocol. The voting proposals they submit must include clear voting options and plan. Then each community member is given a period of time to vote, and the result with a majority decision will be implemented. Holders of DFI will have governance rights over important parts of Defiqa protocols (such as financing terms of lending markets, yield farming distribution, vault strategies and everything else) through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and proposals.

3. Staking / Fees Redistribution Holders can participate in DFI Staking. All Defiqa vaults will have withdrawal fees on generated profits (0.4-1%). This portion of fees from Defiqa generated yield strategies will be redistributed to DFI Stakers.