Product Vision

User Experience
Defiqa’s services will be available via a web platform and a mobile application for both IOS and Android.
The platform, inspired by neobanks product design and functionality, will offer a simple and seamless
experience to both crypto savvy users as well as less digitally proficient individuals around the world.
The complexity of DeFi investing will be simplified through a high-quality interface accessible to anyone
- a vision unfortunately lacking in many crypto-related projects, especially in the DeFi ecosystem. Clients
will also have access to detailed and compliant reports for tax and legal purposes.
Building Trust with Compliance
Merging the under-regulated world of crypto and the safety provided by historical financial players,
Defiqa encapsulates the future of personal finance by operating under a banking, securities and fund
management license and offering a best-in-class service for retail investors to store and invest capital
in an accessible, secure and familiar digital banking environment, all while fully embracing the financial
possibilities offered by cryptocurrencies and DeFi in particular: an opportunity unseen on the market
before today.
Service Suite
Aiming to be more than “just another DeFi platform”, Defiqa will provide its users with access to a full
range of traditional banking and wealth management services accessible to both crypto and fiat users:
• The possibility to get great returns through multiple savings and banking products built on the
DeFi ecosystem.
• An easy way to swap fiat to crypto and vice-versa, all from within the app.
• The ability to hold fiat such as US, EUR, and other major currencies, thus allowing seamless integration with crypto for all types of users.
• Transparent, simple, and convenient access to:
• High-return savings accounts
• Fiat checking accounts
• Cryptocurrency vaults
• Debit card services
Product Vision
Defiqa has ambitions to pioneer mass adoption of DeFi thanks to an innovative yet proven range of
services, with the goal of including the excluded, facilitating broader crypto awareness, and providing
educational opportunities through its governance foundation. Defiqa is positioned to create enough
value to keep all stakeholders engaged and committed to fulfill the company’s mission, purpose and
vision (which intends to demonstrate the wider societal benefits of decentralized markets and promote
financial literacy)